Natalie Youssef

Artist Statement:

I feel that I’m defined mostly by how busy I am. On the one hand, I love that I’m busy — I’m involved, I’m participating, I’m learning new things, and I’m not missing out. On the other, I wonder how much I miss by working so hard not to miss anything. In my art projects, I try to give myself space to see the beautiful things that are right in front of me. Art, photography in particular, gives a purpose to my observation and an outlet to my sense of wonder.

While art helps me capture the small, fleeting moments of beauty that surround me and often go unnoticed, it also allows me to express the big, evolving truths that surround me and take up much of my mental energy. It is a powerful way to express ideas of femininity, identity, culture, and beauty, and it can have influence and impact in a way that words cannot.

This dichotomy of small beauties and big truths may seem unrelated, but I believe that they have more in common than I initially thought. Both have, in their own way truth as their goal. My goal as an artist is to try to show the beauty in that truth.