• Upcoming Art Exhibit at Raider Ridge Cafe
 I’m very excited to announce that I have confirmed this December’s art show will be at Raider Ridge Cafe. Raider Ridge Cafe is located at 509 E 89th Ave in Durango, CO. Raider Ridge is a great cafe with lots of healthy options. In their own words, “Raider Ridge Cafe is a healthy alternative to traditional ‘fast food’. While still quick and economical, everything is high quality and made from scratch. Ingredients are fresh and sources locally whenever possible. We offer a variety of gourmet breakfast and lunch wraps, generous salads, homemade soups, all-fruit smoothies, fresh baked treats and a full espresso bar.”
So it’s a great place to stop by, have a fresh meal, and check out some local art! Once we have the dates and list of artists confirmed, they will be posted here! I’m really happy to be curating and producing this show and grateful to have Raider Ridge Cafe on board!

  • Bringing the Water Tank Project to Durango, CO
 In my interview with Mary Jordan of the Water Tank Project, she invited me to pursue the idea of bringing the Water Tank Project to Durango, Colorado. I’ve completed presenting this idea to the Mayor’s Youth Advisory Council, and they are very interested in the idea. I’m excited to see the interest in and support for this project!
The next step includes reaching out to the water tank company for permission to paint the tanks. This discussion is in the works, and I hope to have good news and be able to move forward with helping the community to choose an artist in the next month.

  •  New Project in the Works
 I am working on a three-piece installation that is set to be displayed by the end of the year. This series is three small paintings designed to be displayed together, each depicting the story of an important woman in a symbolic way. “Malala” is an homage to Malala Yousafzai, recent Nobel Prize winner and advocate for women’s education. In place of her face, an image of a book with two bullets in it shows how education motivated her to move forward and inspire others despite an attempt on her life. “Corazon” is a portrait of Corazon Aquino, the first female President of the Philippines. An image of a heart and bullets show her love for her people, and her people’s love for her, after her rise to power following her husband’s assassination. “Anna” is a portrait of Anna Mae Aquash, an American Indian activist who was murdered in 1975. In place of her face, a braid and feather hold the bullets that killed her.
 You can see the first painting, Malala, in my gallery here.

  • Joining the GroundbreakHers site!
 I’m so excited to have been invited to share my story on the GroundbreakHers site.  Samina Ali is a role model for me, and to be invited to participate in her site is an honor. I’m looking forward to my upcoming interview with her as well.